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235 O’Riordan St
Mascot NSW

Parking Rates

You will find our parking rates to be very competitive, if not the best in Mascot. Remember too, that these prices include a valet drop-off and pick-up from the airport, either domestic or international terminals.

You leave your car here, we shuttle you to the airport in our people-mover.

Please note that rates are calculated per calendar day not by a 24hr period.

Also, as an example, if you book for 35 days, your first day will still be at $40, your 2nd to 15th days at $18 per day and so on. You are not charged at $11 per day for the entire 35 days. We just want to clarify that up-front.

Day 1 from $40
Day 2 – 15 from $18 per day
Day 16 – 30 from $13 per day
Day 30+ from $11 per day

Example Scenario

Many people choose to use an airport shuttle rather than park at the airport because they think it is way too expensive to park at Mascot.

As an example, let’s say you are from Mona Vale and are taking the wife to visit relatives for the weekend via the airport. A return shuttle to Mona Vale will cost you around $150.

To drive out here and park with us, you’re looking at $10 in tolls returning via the eastern distributor ($4 only if you go back through the city), plus about $20 in fuel.

Arrive here Saturday morning and land Sunday night on the return and you’re up for 2 days of parking, $58, including the free shuttle to the airport which only takes a few minutes, literally.

Total cost for using Mascot Valet – $82. That’s driving here directly in the privacy of your own vehicle.

Shuttle cost – $150 plus an extra hour to allow for deviations in the journey.

Parking with us in this case has saved you $68 and an hour or two of your time.


* Please note: 10% online booking discount applies to car parking when booking is for 4 calender days or more.
* Price Match: Terms & conditions apply.