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235 O’Riordan St
Mascot NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

How close is Mascot Valet to the airport at Mascot?

We are just 250 metres from the entrance to the domestic terminal. We are north on O’Riordan St.

How long before my flight should I drop my vehicle off at Mascot Valet?

You have to know what time your airline requires you at the terminal to check in. Allow enough time to arrive here, give us your keys and transfer people and luggage into our bus.

Once we are driving, you will be at the terminal within a few minutes. To allow a non-panicky experience, get here at least 20 minutes before you need to be at the actual terminal. Yeah, we can do it quicker but who wants to rush? You’ve heard the saying, “More haste, less speed”? We like to do things quickly but safely.

How are your prices calculated?

If you arrive here at 5pm, that is counted as a whole day of parking. At midnight, another day begins. In other words, any part of a day equals a full day. It is not calculated from the time you get here like a stopwatch, but on the day you get here.

I notice on your prices page that you have different prices depending on the length of stay. Do I get the cheapest rate applicable to my booking on all days?

Short answer – no. Even if you book for 60 days, your first day is still at $35. It’s not until you get to day 30 that the $11 per day rate comes into effect and that rate will only be applied to day 30 and onwards. Your booking must work its way through the various pricing tiers before it gets the lowest rate.

Do I need to book in advance or can I just turn up with my vehicle?

You can turn up “on-the-fly” if you want to, but if we are fully booked you may miss out. To ensure a spot, it is better to organize it beforehand as much as possible. A bit of planning always helps things go more smoothly.

Can I leave my scooter there? Are there different rates for different vehicles?

Bikes and scooters are charged at 30% of car prices. If you come with 2 bikes (you and a friend), your 2 vehicles will take up one carspace so you will be charged as 1 car.

What is your address?

235 O’Riordan St, Mascot.

Our building is painted red and is also the home of Diamond Finish carwash.

If you drive north on O’Riordan St from the airport, within 30 seconds you will see our building on the left and it’s hard to miss being that colour.

What is the maximum number of people that can be shuttled to the terminal?

We have a VW transporter and a 13-seat Toyota minibus.

If you can get here in your car, we can easily fit you in one of those vehicles.

Even if you turn up with 2 cars, we can still do it in 1 trip.

Will my car be parked indoors or outdoors?

This is up to you when you make your booking.

If you choose to have your car parked indoors, it will be protected from the elements and prying eyes however the cost is slightly higher.

Are there any special conditions?

If your booking is for before 5am, a telephone confirmation is required.

Please note that a “Early Entry Fee” applies.

* Please note: 10% online booking discount applies to car parking when booking is for 4 calender days or more.
* Price Match: Terms & conditions apply.