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Long Term Parking – Sydney Airport

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When it comes to long-term parking at Sydney Airport, you have a few choices. But what are the pro’s and cons of each? You’re going away for an extended time (7+ days) and need somewhere to store your vehicle for that time, at a reasonable price. Mascot Valet Airport Parking offers you this alternative.

First, let’s look at the options available to you, so you can make the best choice for yourself.

On-Site Airport Parking

You could use the airport’s own parking facility, which will mean you can simply walk to your car when you get off your flight. You can do that with us as well, it’s just a longer walk (about 400 metres more).

It also means you are up for some serious moula, up to $70 a day last time we checked.

Off-Site Airport Parking

There are alternatives to Sydney Airport’s parking station.

Outside the airport are a number of parking stations offering cheaper rates. While you will require a shuttle to get to your vehicle, most of the parking stations will provide this service for you.

The downside is that if the parking station you choose is kilometres away from the terminals, you may have to endure Sydneys’ traffic, adding up to 20 minutes to your journey to your car.

Mascot Valet Airport Parking offers you off-site parking, but only 250 metres from the airport entrance. If you stand outside our premises on the footpath, you can literally see the entrance to the Domestic Terminals. So, we eliminate the downside of off-site parking by being extremely close.

We also shuttle you to the airport and pick you up from the airport – it’s included in the price we quote you and there is no waiting, because we are so close.

Airport Shuttle Bus

There are many shuttle-bus companies operating in Sydney, from all areas.

You could catch one from your front door to the airport, then the same on your return journey. This is a much cheaper alternative to using any parking station, however there are some serious downsides.

For one, you will be sharing a minbus with other passengers. You will be picked up and then be on the bus while it goes to other peoples’ homes to pick them up. Then you will travel to the airport and be dropped off. The risk is if the bus gets stuck in traffic or encounters something unexpected, that you may miss your flight.

When you return, you have to wait for other flights to land and the other passengers on your shuttle-bus run to get their luggage. The shuttle driver then has to find you and it can be a stressful experience, especially if the driver is under pressure or if something goes wrong with your mobile phone. You will also be on the entire route while the driver drops off other passengers also returning home.

While we empathize with shuttle companies and commend them for the great service they provide, it may not be what you are looking for. When you drive your own vehicle right to the airport, you are the only one on the trip and you can determine when you get there, and when you leave.

We will also treat you to a high-quality complimentary barista-made coffee (one per booking) when you arrive here with your vehicle. We will then whisk you over to the airport and you’ll be on your way, relatively stress-free.

So, you can relax in our cafe and wind down from the drive, just 250 metres from the airport. Even if all of our modern vehicles fail to start (unlikely), or O’Riordan St gets blocked off, you’re still within walking distance. You’ll be on your flight, on time, and we can’t think of anything that can stop that from happening.

The Return Journey

When you get back, give us a call and we’ll be over there in a few minutes to pick you up. We will return you to your vehicle and within no time you will be on your way home.

If you’re going away via the airport, the experience you have is entirely up to you. Our off-site, long-term parking at Sydney Airport is an option available to you and from our point of view, the one that makes the most sense.

Use our online booking system to reserve your parking space today.

Thanks, from the team at Mascot Valet Parking.

We Supply Long-Term Airport Parking

Whether you’re taking a solo trip, getting ready to visit a distant relative, or taking a family vacation, air travel can be a stressful situation. There are countless things to remember, and we always have that funny feeling in the back of our head that we forgot to do something.

Instead of hiring a taxi and having to wait on it, why not take your car knowing that you can leave at the right time and arrive with peace of mind. That’s only the first part, the second is having your car parked at a safe and secure location. We at Mascot Airport Valet Parking provide you with just that, long-term airport parking.

Benefits of Long-Term Airport Parking in Sydney

There are numerous benefits to Sydney Airport long-term parking. The first factor is when you have your car you won’t have to worry about hiring a taxi service. During peak times, it can be difficult to get a taxi, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. You can make an online booking on our website, giving you more leverage to choose the best time to leave knowing that you won’t have to struggle with parking.

  • Paying for a ride can become expensive where you can just take your car. We provide you with competitive prices to make it easier on your post-vacation budget.
  • Making a booking for your airport parking has never been easier. We provide you with an online booking system, giving you the freedom to choose the best time that will suit you while also giving you enough time to check in for your flight.
  • Lastly, you’ll have absolute peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and sound. When you come back, you can just hop back into your car and make your way home without worrying about transport.

Tips Regarding Long-Term Airport Parking at Sydney Airport

So, you’ve decided to use our Sydney long-term airport parking, but there are a few tips for getting your car ready for the long stay at the parking lot. It’s always a good idea to take your vehicle for a check-up before heading to the airport. This will just ensure that all the oil levels, water levels, and wiper fluids are all at the right levels and that your battery is charged. This will all benefit your car, having to stand still for so long.

  • Another aspect to remember is to make sure that the gas tank is full. Having your tank full is especially important in the winter months to ensure that there is no residual moisture that could freeze inside the tank and create problems.
  • It’s important to disconnect the battery when you’ve parked your car; if you keep the battery connected it will start to deplete, standing unused for too long.
  • You’d want to make sure that all your valuables are out of the car; even the smallest item like the spare keys to your house needs to be removed.

About Mascot Airport Valet Parking

We offer you an excellent space to park your car at safely while you’re away from home. We value your vehicle as if it were our own, and we’ll go out of our way to ensure that it stays safe.

Contact us if you need any more information about our parking.

* Please note: 10% online booking discount applies to car parking when booking is for 4 calender days or more.
* Price Match: Terms & conditions apply.